In partnership with UKRSpecsystems, we are proud to offer the PC-1 UAV featuring an extremely durable carbon fiber air frame made with eight rotor design – providing maximum performance in any weather condition. No matter when or where you fly the PC-1, it will always do the job.

Compact Design

Designed to be carried in a backpack, the folded PC-1 measures just under 20in x 12in x 5in and weights just over 12 pounds.


Professional Ground Control Station

Rugged Ground Control Station (GCS) runs Windows 10 and gives you full control over the mission. You can control the drone, set flight route, control the payload and see all important information from PC-1. GCS has a maximum operational range of 5 km and 4 hours battery life.

Fully Programmable Missions

Equipped with all the flight planning features included with our Eagle XF, the PC-1 is quite capable of fully autonomous grid searches, or manual flight required for situational awareness or simply difficult environmental conditions. With power and stability to fly in most weather conditions,  the PC-1 will be the workhorse of your fleet.


Payload Options

Single sensor HD Camera or IR

The compact single sensor gimbal can be equipped either with a 10x optical zoom, 1080 HD camera or thermal camera.



Dual sensor HD Camera and IR

The dual sensor gimbal features a day-view 10x optical zoom, full 1080 HD camera and high-performance thermal camera. It is a perfect choice for surveillance, search and rescue and inspection missions.

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