Modular Design for Payload Flexibility

The PD-1 airframe is designed to meet most any payload integration requirements.  Part replacement and customization is no longer difficult or impossible.  The large payload area allows substantial room for sensors or cameras.  Call or email to discuss your particular mission requirements.

Fully Programmable

The PD-1 UAS comes equipped with full autonomous capability. It is ready to fly right out of the box.   With the installed Autopilot and GCS software, programming a mission, taking specific actions (e.g. take photos at certain point), setting up automatic runway take-off and landing or automatic launch from the pneumatic catapult, or designating a parachute recovery are all easily configurable…and much more. All information from the PD-1 UAV (e.g. fuel level, engine temp, engine RPM, etc.) is transmitted to GCS in real-time in fully encrypted digital downlinks.

Advanced Payloads

The PD-1 UAV can carry wide range of payloads. Standard equipment includes USG-212 EO/IR gimbal or USG-211 EO gimbal. Both camera gimbals features 30x optical zoom, digital video stabilization and target tracking. Furthermore, there is still enough space in payload area to carry secondary payloads such as high resolution optical camera, SAR radar, radio repeater, etc.

Overwatch Imaging Simultaneous Color, NIR and LWIR

High Resolution Aerial Photography

Equipped with high resolution optical, thermal, nadir or other types of sensors and real time image processing allows instant image analysis and target identification. Standard optical cameras can take pictures with resolution up to 10 pixels/cm while at an altitude of 1000 meters. Our software is packed with great features, such as ability to compare photos with the flight log file to determine coordinates of the targeted object in the image, mark up and specify objects of interest, see where the UAV was at the moment when image was taken and generate standard reports. This solution cuts down the overall time required to analyze aerial photography images for more efficient work flow.

Call for Pricing or Additional Information 603-389-6364

PD-I UAV Specifications

Tip wing chord 300 mm
Maximum takeoff weight 33 kg
Root wing chord 420 mm
Empty weight (with undrainable fuel) 20 kg
Aileron area 2>0.06 rn2
Payload weight 8 kg
Flaps area rn2
Flight time with 2-storke engine 5+ hours
Fuselage max width 266 mm
Flight time with EFI upgrade Up to 15 hours
Fuselage max height 284 mm
Practical ceiling 3000 m
Full projection area of V-tail 0.278 rn2
Speed range 70-140 km/h on horizontal plane
Cruise speed 95 km/h Full projection area of V-tail on vertical plane 0,123 rn 2
Stall speed 50 km/h Communications
Fuel A-95 Fuel A-95 gasoline
mixed with oil Telemetry radio link
Deployment time 15 min Range 80 km
Encryption Yes
Launch Runway, catapult Video downlink
Recovery Runway, Range 50 km
parachute Format Full HD 1080p
Encryption Yes
Dimensions 2540 mm
Navigation GNSS, inertial navigation
Full length 990 mm unit
Height 670 mm
Chassis track 880 mm
Cassis wheelbase 150x31 mm
Main wheel size mm
Nose wheel size 1/17 m 2
Wing area 3190 mm
Wingspan 392 mm


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