Cost Effective Solutions

Our collective experience from years in a rapidly-evolving UAV industry has allowed UAV-America to identify and target what customers, and ultimately markets, require to perform a variety of aerial tasks utilizing safe and cost effective solutions.

Years of UAV experience

With our business history of years innovating and responding to commercial demand, UAV-America continues to focus on building specialized aerial platforms for a multitude of applications.

Design and Manufacturing

UAV-America manufacturers its own line of Eagle platforms that combine long flight times, robust air-frames, and flexible payload capability to quickly adapt to a wide range of aerial applications.


We know how valuable customer support and training are to individuals tasked with day-to-day operations requiring constant uptime of the platform.  In response, our well-trained customer support technicians are available for timely solutions to any issues that arise. Our training partner, Avion Unmanned Solutions, provides comprehensive 5 day (or accelerated 2 day for experienced pilots) classroom and hands on Eagle specific training course.

UAV-America has invested heavily in its R&D capability and is committed to developing safer, more innovative, and cost effective solutions for customers.



UAV-America Eagle XF and X8 UAV’s are products of Solute, Inc., San Diego, California