Cost Effective Solutions

Our collective experience from years in a rapidly-evolving UAV industry has allowed UAV-America to identify and target what customers, and ultimately markets, require to perform a variety of aerial tasks utilizing safe and cost effective solutions.

Years of UAV experience

With our business history of years innovating and responding to commercial demand, UAV-America continues to focus on building specialized aerial platforms for a multitude of applications.

Design and Manufacturing

UAV-America manufacturers its own line of Eagle platforms that combine long flight times, robust air-frames, and flexible payload capability to quickly adapt to a wide range of aerial applications.


We know how valuable customer support and training are to individuals tasked with day-to-day operations requiring constant uptime of the platform.  In response, our well-trained customer support technicians are available for timely solutions to any issues that arise. Our training partner, Avion Unmanned Solutions, provides comprehensive 5 day (or accelerated 2 day for experienced pilots) classroom and hands on Eagle specific training course.

UAV-America has invested heavily in its R&D capability and is committed to developing safer, more innovative, and cost effective solutions for customers.



Jim Cooper

Founder and CEO

As technology for personal and commercial uses of UAVs exploded in recent years, Jim was an original pioneer, launching UAV-America in response to a growing need for custom approaches to industrial and commercial applications.  A veteran of the U.S. Air Force and graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Jim is a keen entrepreneur, an innovator, and a visionary.    Jim’s decades of experience with business startups, marketing, technology, and film/video production helps to fuel a vision for UAV America that is limitless.

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Jim knows firsthand that building a successful company climate and reputation is achievable with three key elements: 1) first and foremost, a customer focus with exceptional technical support, training and collaboration, 2) reliable, safe, and innovative products, in combination with, 3) consistent outreach and creative partnerships with other industry innovators. Jim’s organizational management is based on these three essentials and shared by his dedicated company team.

Dave Norman

VP Engineering

As a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Dave holds degrees in Marine and Mechanical Engineering. After working as an Engineer – Second Assistant, in the Merchant Marines, Dave has worked in various industries ranging from industrial automation to offshore oil and gas, to surface and subsea manned and unmanned systems. As a project manager and team leader designing, manufacturing and testing experimental military marine high speed attack craft, his patented designs brought new concept to hull friction reduction, higher efficiency, and increased speed. His 20 years of experience working with breakthrough composite materials, fluid dynamics, and complex mechanical systems, has provided UAVA an exceptional leader and expert in research, design and component integration. Heading up design efforts for the next phase of Eagle platforms, Dave manages the Nottingham, NH technical team and strategic design partners around the world.

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