Pictured Above is our Basic Mapping Package with Optional Flir Vue Pro Thermal Camera

Our basic mapping system consists of the Eagle XF with 3 Axis Gimbal and Sony A6000 camera with standard kit lens, camera trigger, and fully autonomous flight planning.  Optional upgrades include: Sony A7 or A9 Camera with  Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm Aspherical III Lens, HD or SD video downlink and monitor, Flir Thermal Camera, Auto GPS Image Tagging, and Additional Remote Control.

Eagle XF with LidarUSA A Series Package

The days of feet on the ground surveying with conventional surveying equipment (GPS, total stations, levels) for topo collection of 5 to several thousand acres is fast becoming a thing of the past. With lidar systems,  thousands of acres can easily be scanned in a day. The surveyor still needs to be present to locate sub-surface utilities but all visible information can be captured with the LiDAR and extracted back at the office.

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