Everything necessary to fly right out of the box!

The Eagle XF package is available as a completely assembled, flight tested ready to fly (RTF) platform (Just quick connect the landing gear, insert batteries, run preflight and fly) or as bind and fly (you provide batteries and radio/receiver).

Included is:

  • Fully assembled molded carbon fiber frame
  • Futaba 14SG radio and receiver (RTF only)
  • Custom tuned Pixhawk flight controller
  • 2 22000mAh 6 cell batteries (RTF only)
  • Quick disconnect fixed landing gear
  • Folding carbon fiber props (27.5″)
  • Complete electronics package (motors, ESCs, power distribution)
  • Smoked canopy
  • Dual battery charger and power supply (RTF only)
  • Mission Planner and Tower compatible providing
    • Ground station
    • Fully autonomous flight planning
    • Flight control settings (return to home, loiter, follow me and many others)
    • Telemetry
    • Many other functions
  • Paper manual with log book
  •  30 day total aircraft warranty and manufacturer component warranty (RTF only)
  • 30 day telephone support (RTF only)
  • 6 months email support (RTF only)
  • Optional annual maintenance package (with extended warranty)
  • Optional retractable or extended landing gear
  • Optional payload packages

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UAVA Eagle XF Equipped with Sense and Avoid System

The Eagle XF equipped with our sense and avoid system. Operator can set safe distance from any object and Eagle will remain at that set distance and remain under full control of operator. Key safety feature for getting close to objects for inspection or other close up tasks.

Major Eagle XF Components


XF 1   –  Includes 3 axis stabilized HD 1080p 30X zoom camera, real time video streaming, 10 inch HD monitor, payload operator remote control, on-board image and video recording.  Additional digital stabilization and object tracking/lock available.



XF 2  – Includes 3 axis stabilized HD 1080p 30X zoom camera, Flir Vue Pro 640 with 13mm lens, real time HD video streaming,real time SD video streaming,10 inch HD and 7 inch SD monitor, payload operator remote control, on-board image and video recording.  Optional Flir Thermal Cameras and lenses, digital stabilization and object tracking/lock available.


We work with LidarUSA to specify the system that best meets customer requirements then integrate that system into the Eagle platform.


Need a custom payload for specialized missions? We have integrated everything from tranquilizer guns, to radiological readers, multispectral sensors, drop boxes and more.  We are happy to provide you with as estimate for designing and customizing a payload for your project.  Give us a call or email us




Require a different payload?

  Contact us  with your specific requirements.  Our experienced engineers will design a system specific to your needs.  Or fill out the form below.

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Sneak Peek – Eagle X8