ScanLook Revolution

There are many mapping jobs that do not require survey accurate 2 cm global positioning.  Sometimes all that matters is that you can get accurate measurements on heights of power poles, potential vegetation encroachment, bridge clearances, or locate street signs and then be able to return later to their location if need be. But hey, if you need 2 cm positioning there are ways it can do this too. Combine a L1/L2 GNSS receiver, ground control points, and ScanLook Export software with Revolution and you easily and affordably have the level of positioning you were looking for. Revolution was designed using the “focus on the hole, not the drill” philosophy.  It’s easy to use, affordable, and captures the answers you need now.


Download File


Download File


  • Dimensions: 4.75 diameter by 5.25 long (inches)
  • Weight: 1 to 1.6Kg
  • Power Consumption: 15 Watts
  • Voltage Input: 10-30VDC
  • Internal storage for several days
  • Virtually unlimited removable storage
  • Quick release mount

INS (VectorNav VN-300)

  • L1 receiver
  • Dual Antenna
  • 0.3 deg RMS dynamic heading accuracy
  • 0.1 deg RMS dynamic pitch/roll
  • 2.5 m RMS Horizontal Position Accuracy
  • 800 Hz Output Rate for IMU Data
  • 400 Hz Output Rate for Navigation Data


On the Revolution, you have more than just one option for your laser. You can choose the Velodyne  VLP-16, Velodyne  PuckLITE, Velodyne HDL-32E, or Quanergy M8. Our recommended versions of the Revolution are with the VLP-16, PuckLITE, and Quanergy M8. See the specifications below.


  • Generate trajectory in UTM coordinates
  • LAS/LAZ/E57 and other file format outputs
  • Point cloud filtering
  • Control point adjustment tool
  • Coordinate measurement update tool

Velodyne Puck/Puck LITE

  • +/- 4cm accuracy
  • PuckLITE: 590 g
    Puck: 840g
  • 16 Lasers
  • 100m Range
  • 300,000 Points per Second
  • 360 deg Horizontal FOV
  • 30 deg Vertical FOV

Quanergy M8

  • 900 g
  • 8 Lasers
  • 150m Range
  • 400,000+ Points per Second
  • 360 deg Horizontal FOV
  • 20 deg Vertical FOV