Sense and Avoid Technology Now Available on Eagle XF

Nottingham, NH, November 1, 2016 – UAV-America, Inc., announced today the implementation of its advanced Sense and Avoid System (obstacle avoidance) for their Eagle XF quad platform.  Partnering with AerialGuard, based in Tel Aviv and New York. The two companies have designed and deployed a robust navigation system using Nvidia Jetson TX1 embedded platform combined with vision, acoustic and laser sensors, to provide Eagle XF customers with a safe, integrated platform to conduct infrastructure inspection and other tasks.

The system is fully integrated into the Eagle airframe and will benefit current work flow by increasing productivity and efficiency of operations. Among the advance capabilities are: user-configured guardian mode (user configured safety distance from object) , distance to target read-out, emergency return to land (RTL) integrated with obstacle avoidance, precise altitude hold, first person view (FPV), and full autonomous mission navigation capable of maneuvering around obstacles and obstructions.

This highly sophisticated system will be available as an option on all Eagle platforms and will be phased in with front and backward compatibility.  The complete system is expected to be ready for shipment by the end of the year.

About UAV-America, Inc.:

UAV-America, Inc. manufacturers the Eagle series of UAVs for commercial and industrial applications: Infrastructure inspection, mapping and surveying, law enforcement, and any use requiring a platform capable of long flight times, flexible payload options, ease of transporting, safety and reliability.

About AerialGuard:

Specializing in autonomous navigation for UAVs, AerialGuard’s patent pending technology is a combination of on-board sensors and processors for high level autonomy, integrated into a ground station for operator control and on the cloud for collective intelligence, maximizing system potential while increasing safety, reliability and survivability.